How to recognize real honey?

Imagine that you are standing before a market stall of bee products … The choice and huge and maddeningly difficult! None of the information abundant on the Internet is available to you now. 
One of the first things to check for is where the honey was produced. All Top’s Honey products come from ecologically clean areas in Bulgaria. Good beekeepers are proud of their products and never shy from revealing their location on the package. You are always welcome to check out our facilities!

Next comes the list of contents which you need to read carefully. Honey is an all-natural product and should not contain any sugars. All of our bee products are tested in the best laboratories – a guarantee for unsurpassed quality and the absence of additives. Top`s Honey guarantees the origin and quality of all its products! 

Refrain from plastic packaging as it is never a good choice. Glass poses no such problems. Honey remains fresher in a glass container!
The colour of honey should not be a factor in your choice as it depends entirely on the flowers from which the pollen was collected. Pay attention to how the product is stored. For numerous reasons honey is best stored at room temperature. If you come across a product that has separated into layers, it would be best if you chose something else! 

Discover a whole new world of sweetness and health with Top`s Honey! We produce limited quantities of all-natural honey free of impurities and additives. These characteristics raise our product to the next level and turn it into a true find! 
According to the European Parliament, honey is the sixth most faked food in the world! Be careful in your choice and put your trust in Top`s Honey!

  1. 18.07.2019


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