Mobile beekeeping

Mobile beekeeping is a tradition for us, one that requires passion, hard work and research capacity which we have in abundance.
The process involves transportation of bee hives to environmentally clean locations with rich nectariferous vegetation. Bees forage best when they are in close proximity to flowering plants. 
The idea is not to burden our tiny workers by forcing them to fly over huge distances but to facilitate them as much as possible. Our efforts are aimed at improving honey quality and protecting the species. 

Proper preparation prior to actual transportation of the bee colonies is an important part of mobile beekeeping. We need to investigate and create a plan for the areas into which the bee hives will be moved. We then check the area to make sure that it is as clean and favourable as possible. 

Before proceeding with transportation we always check and evaluate the state of the hives. After making sure that everything is impeccable and that thee bee hives enjoy excellent air circulation, we are off. These are the unwritten rules to which we abide! 
After the hives are unloaded at their destination, our first job is to make sure that the bees are feeling fine. The journey being over, it is now time to get down to work! 

This process allows bees to reach places with clean vegetation. Honey yield is increased, and special types of honey, from particular blossoms, can be produced. Last but not least, our industrious bees improve the quality of crops on which they feed.

Our mission is accomplished! Together we produce high-quality honey which will reach you in its purest form. We make rational use the nectariferous vegetation available in Bulgaria so that you can enjoy the real taste.


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